ALL on Off-road vehicles (ORV) must be registered…

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ALL on Off-road vehicles (ORV) must be registered…

Fun on Off-road vehicles (ORV) can be very expensive if you do not have them registered…

  • Golf carts
  • Snow vehicles
  • Snowmobiles
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATV)
  • Trucksters, and
  • Restricted use motorcycles (RUMs)


Did you know that as of November 1, 2015 all ORV must be registered and display ICBC number and sticker? The fines for unregistered ORV were just increased to $230.00 per unit. If you do not have your ORV registered, it could be a very expensive trip for the family of four.

To avoid this unpleasant situation, simply stop by ICBC office and pick up the statutory declaration form, that you can sign in front of Notary Public, stating on when and how you acquired your ORV. Once you present this statutory declaration to ICBC office, they will be able to register ORV for you.

Please remember to make reservations for your Notarization.

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