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I already have a Realtor why do I need a Notary Public to buy a house?

While Realtor is helping you find a home, negotiates on your behalf and helps you to investigate the property, Notary Public is representing your legal interests. Notary prepares all the transfer documents , mortgage documents that you need to sign and then registered the transfer in Land Title office. While Realtor is dealing with physical […]

You have to pay Property taxes and claim Home owner grant!

Dear Homeowners, If you purchased property during this calendar year you have to remember to claim Home owners grant ( in you are eligible) and  pay property taxes before July 2nd, 2013. I find that payment of property is most confusing topic , especially for First time home buyers. During your meeting with a Notary […]

Why is it important to have a Will document ?

A Will document is a written document with your instructions on how your property and assets will be distributed upon death. For people with minor children, it may contain instructions on who will take care of the children and who will make financial decisions for them until they are old enough to manage their own […]