Covenant Process for Municipal Permit Applications

You have applied for a permit to renovate your property or put a new septic tank/field and City Hall  advised you that you need a Covenant and Letter of Undertaking to proceed. Our office can help you with the next steps to ensure your permits are issued without unnecessary delays. The following steps describe what you can expect the process to be like.

  1. Advise our office that you require a Covenant and for what purpose. Common reasons include adding a temporary accessory building (mobile home) to your property, renovations to your sewage or drainage sytem (septic systems or sump pump), or building below minimum building elevation. Other information we will require to begin working on your documents include the property address, name of your mortgage holder, and your permit application number.
  2. We will contact the appropriate personell at City Hall to confirm all necessary legal requirements. Some Covenants require engineering reports to be attached to them. It is your responsibility to obtain the appropriate reports to be attached to the Covenant and provide them to our office. Once all requirements are confirmed, we will conduct a title search of your property and prepare drafts of the documents required.
  3. We will then forward draft documents to City Hall for their review and preliminary approval. If no changes are required, our office will contact you to arrange an appointment for all registered owners to sign the Covenant documents at our office.
  4. If you have a mortgage on title, your lender will need to consent to the Covenant being registered on title to the property, and grant a priority agreement in favour of the municipality. Depending on your lender, this part of the process often takes the longest. Some lenders may be quick to sign these documents and some lenders may take several weeks or longer. Having a good relationship with a representative at your local branch and letting them know we will be sending documents for their execution can often ensure this process is completely smoothly and without unnecessary delays.
  5. Once the documents have been executed by all registered owners and registered chargeholders, we will forward the originals to City Hall for their final approval and signatures. This process usually takes 2-3 weeks. Please ensure that you have paid all necessary application fees to the municipality for your permits by this point. If there are other owner requirements that have not been met, or fees that have not been paid, the municipality will not sign the Covenant documents until those requirements have been satisfied.
  6. Following execution by the municipality, our office will be notified that the document is available for pick up from City Hall. We will arrange for courier pick up of the originals and upon receipt of same, attend to registration of the documents in the Land Title Office.
  7. Following registration of the Covenant at the Land Title Office, we will submit one registered copy to the municipality and one copy to you via email.
  8. Upon receipt by the municipality of the registered copy of the Covenant, the process with regard to the covenant, is complete.

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