The process of getting a new mortgage on the property or of refinancing can be straightforward once you have selected from the many mortgage products available on the market.

Step 1

Contact our office and let us know about the dates for the refinancing. In order to avoid rush fees, allow at least 10 business days for the paperwork to be processed.

Step 2

Once we receive the instructions from the lender, we will contact you for additional information. Remember – if we have not called you, that means we have not received the mortgage documents yet. Keep in mind the 10 business days deadline, and give us a call or follow up with your mortgage broker about it.

Step 3

Your Notary goes to work. We do a title search, obtain tax information, request information from the insurer, and get all the necessary documents from the Strata management company. Once all the documents are gathered in our office, we prepare the documents for you to sign.

Step 4

We usually meet to sign the documents 1-3 days before the closing date.

Step 5

We will register the Mortgage, obtain funds from your lender, pay out any existing lenders or creditors approved in the Order to Pay, and arrange for the deposit or pick-up of the proceeds.

Step 6

We will provide you with a report and the Mortgage proceeds.

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