What is your name on the POA and Title, and do they match?

POA stands for Power of Attorney and it is very important that your name on the Power of Attorney document and on the Title to your property are the same.

All the Real Estate transfers that deal with the transfer of land get registered in Land Title office. Land Title office has very strict guidelines on the requirements to Power of Attorney. If for some reason the owner of the property cannot sign the transfer documents at the Notary office, then “Attorney” ( has nothing to do with the lawyer, just a family member) can sign on the owners behalf using document Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney document gets filed in Land Title office. When transfer of the property is filed, Land Title officer carefully examines the Power of Attorney and Title and makes sure that names match. I name of the Seller on the Power of Attorney document and on Title is even one letter off, the transfer cannot happen, i.e . property cannot be sold.

How is it possible that names do not match, you ask? You will be surprised how many people change their name just because they do not like it… One year they use middle name, one year they decide not to use it, some people change their name entirely and somehow manage to have new name displayed on the ID. Some people have multiple names and it is impossible to fit them all on the ID. If Power of Attorney was prepared back when your name was different and now that you are purchasing the property, your name is changed, the Power of Attorney that you prepared back in the days will no longer be valid for Land Title purposes.

Your homework for today is to find your Power of Attorney and compare that your names match as and do the same for your aging parents. Call Irina Bartnik Notary Public in Cloverdale, BC is you have a mismatch and you need to make changes.