You have to pay Property taxes and claim Home owner grant!

Dear Homeowners,

If you purchased property during this calendar year you have to remember to claim Home owners grant ( in you are eligible) and  pay property taxes before July 2nd, 2013. I find that payment of property is most confusing topic , especially for First time home buyers. During your meeting with a Notary you probably discussed adjustments for property taxes. If you are not sure about who is paying this year tax, please contact your Notary to double check. Also if your Lender is taking monthly payments toward payment of property taxes, it is a good idea to double check  with your Lender that they collected enough funds from you to cover taxes.

Remember , no meter what, payment of the property taxes is now your responsibility and if taxes are not paid in full, penalty will be applied.

When you buy or sell your home, property taxes are prorated based on the adjustment date.