What is Travel letter and why do I need one?

Imagine.. Cloverdale, Clayton… Cloudy , rainy weather OR  Tropical paradise and Sunshine 24/7. You choose Tropical paradise- of course!  , after all it is a Spring break!

If your child ( yes anyone under the age of 19 is considered to be a child, even if they are bigger and taller and of course smarter than you :)) is travelling outside of the country with only one parent or without both parents;  with a relative or a friend, then your child needs a Travel letter.

Travel letter is a consent of the parent, that is not travelling with a child, for a child to leave the country. If you need a Travel letter signed, please do not leave it to the last minute. Yes, it has to be signed in front of the Notary, yes, it will take you only 5 minutes to have it signed, No, we will not be open on Saturday afternoon just before your airplane leaves in 2 hours and you just remembered about this letter. Please spared the word between the travelers, do not let them get stuck in the rainy Vancouver Airport, when they can be in a sunny Mexico! Friends do not let Friends to be stuck here on a spring break!

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