Notary Public LangleyWhy are you asking?

If your Notary is acting you a question, and needs more information, there is usually a reason for it. We are not just nosy professionals; we want to make sure your best interests are protected. We are not here to simply whiteness your signatures; we are also here to make sure that what you signing, is in your best interests…

For example, I had a situation yesterday where young men was signing documents for the purchase of the property. He was purchasing it all by himself, but I could see a wedding band on his hand….. So I asked him ( being a nosy Notary that I am) why his wife is not going on title… The reason that he provided did make sense to him, but was lacking long term planning…. and he did not have a Will in place.

It is advisable for the spouses to go on title together for the estate planning purposes. I explained to the client that not only he needs to have a Will done right away, to protect his wife and his children. Also, if something would happen to him where he dies, his wife would have to pay a probate fees to the government on this house ( $14.00 on each $1000.00) before she gets the house that she lives in anyway… Sounds silly, but this is how our laws operate.

That is why it is always important that if you hear that super “creative” idea from your friend or colleague, run the scenario by your Notary first, see what he/she thinks. Short phone call can save you lots of money.. And we are not charging by the minute, we are here for you to pick our brainsJ

At the end client learned something new and left very happy. We are here to serve- another good deed –done. Bragging rights? – AbsolutelyJ